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Triangulated four-link coil-over rear suspension kits for Mopars

Irons Works LLC has developed a new triangulated four-link coil-over rear suspension specifically designed for A, B & E body Mopars. This rear suspension system is a self-contained unit that utilizes the original front leaf spring mounting points with its own sub frame that fits between the original frame rails. The sub frame requires minimal welding, and is a breeze to install. Our triangulated four bar system is completely adjustable for ride height, stance, tire clearance, pinion angle, instant center and more, making it appealing to all forms of racing applications. With its awesome design, it also looks great on the show field. Our system allows for more tire clearance for a wider wheel and tire, without tubbing your wheel wells or relocating your antiquated leaf springs.

B-Body 100% bolt-in frame connector and drive shaft hoop kit

Our new chassis stiffening system (frame ties) were designed to be used with our triangulated rear suspension system to reinforce the control arm mounting points and stiffen the chassis to help prevent body flex and twist. The system fits leaf spring cars as well.