In July of 2017, following an unexpected quintuple bypass, Jack suffered a devastating heart attack. He passed away in August, 2017.

One of my first memories of Jack, Sr. was a middle of the night trip to a diner. I was 19 years old, and going out to eat at 2am was a novelty, and Jack’s Dad going with us automatically made him cool and hip and fun to me.

The more my husband and I were together and got to know each other, we spent most of our time in Jack, Sr.’s shop or out on their property. While Jack and his dad worked in the garage, I sat and tried to keep myself busy. He was patient to tolerate and even welcome me in his garage back then. I think he was just happy to have a willing floor mopper!

Looking back, I admire him even more now than I did then. His fierce love for his family motivated everything he did and his drive and work ethic is unmatched. The man was an animal! He was unbelievably talented at everything he set out to do.

I thought he was smart and funny, but not funny on purpose. The more I got to know him, the more I saw what a fiery and passionate man he was. He was fun to tease and laugh with, he let me hug on him and I called him Papa Bear. He included me when I tagged along to the Mopar Nationals and even rode in the back seat as I drove. He got me a t-shirt and a hat to match the group.

His artistry, ingenuity, creativity, intelligence, gumption and know how is a legacy we can only aspire to live up to.

We intend to carry on Unlawful Racing and we plan to continue to keep it a family business. Jack Sr. left behind a love for creating and a passion for building, inventing, improving and restoring. We will carry his legacy and pass it along to our 5 children in his name.
— Allison Irons


We are a family-owned business with a long background of racing behind us. At a very young age I, Jack Irons Sr., began racing mini-bikes, then mini-cycles, and finished out my motorcycle racing career as a professional moto-cross racer. Throughout those racing years there were many state, national, grand prix and world championship titles won.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

    After ending my motorcycle racing career, I became a fabricator by trade, got married to my wife, Lisa, and raised our two sons, Jack Jr. and Daren, also with competitive racing spirits. We started a professional Muscle car restoration business, and had great success on the show field. When we got tired of sitting in lawn chairs looking at all the shiny cars, our competitive edge took hold once again and we decided to build some race cars and go drag racing, again with great success.

    While drag racing we realized the need to upgrade from the antiquated rear leaf spring suspension to a modern rear suspension, not only for drag racing, but also for performance handling and street applications. With so many other shops spending their time and effort on the front suspension, we decided to round out the package by redesigning a new and modern rear suspension. We wanted to design a system that serviced all the previously mentioned applications and that is targeted for the guy who doesn't want to alter his Mopar muscle car by cutting out wheel well tubs or back halving his car. 

    The system that we designed requires minimal alteration and welding to the car and also utilizes original leaf spring mounts. Irons Works LLC has designed and fabricated a triangulated, fully-adjustable, four-link, coil over rear suspension for A, B and E body Mopars (patent applied for). This is not simply a system that sets ride height and gets you down the road, this is a performance application that is fully adjustable for all your needs.

    Irons Works LLC takes great pride in our superb design, integrity and quality of our products that are made in Detroit, Michigan, in the good old U.S.A. We also have a lot of new and innovative ideas planned for the future to service your performance needs.