CHRYSLER Corporate Historical Collection

Dear Jack,

On behalf of the Chrysler Group, I would like to thank you for all of the assistance that you lent to our 1974 Dodge Dart race car. The Unlawful Racing four-link-coil-over rear suspension system performed flawlessly during the two events that we have used the vehicle at this year.

The first event that the Dart was used at was the Mopar Mile High Nationals in Colorado this past July. While the vehicle did not run any timed passes, we did do several demonstration runs and the vehicle and your product performed flawlessly.

The second event that the Dart ran this year was the Targa Newfoundland road rally in Canada. This 1,500 mile race tests the vehicle, it's driver and it's crew like no other motorsports event in North America. Over five days of racing the vehicle, the vehicle is subjected to punishment that most race vehicles never see. The Unlawful suspension system held up to everything we threw at it, and we never had any issues with it. I especially appreciate your service after the sale of your product. The fact that you were willing to make sure that the installation was done correctly and that any needed modification was done to your high level of craftsmanship is very much appreciated.

Again, thank you for all of your assistance and support. It's companies such as yours that make my job easier and gave us a chance to win the race. I look forward to working with you again on our next project.

Brandt Rosenbusch
Manger-Historical Operation
Chrysler Group LLC

"Thanks a million guys, the 4-link system is amazing. My (professional) chassis guy says it is the best setup he has ever seen.."

- Darren Beale

"Car runs straight and true Unlawful Frame ties keep it stiff"

- Dave

"Parts fit perfect and look great. Great engineering on your part. I would highly recommend this product, and from what I have seen, I feel it's the best Mopar coil-over conversion on the market today."

- Thanks Eugene Smith